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Pontes Salutis Cooperative 

The Pontes Salutis cooperative emerged on the wave of new business models that, in addition to making a profit, aim at the well-being of employees and the development of the local community.


Our mission

The Pontes Salutis cooperative was started in 2013 by a few enthusiasts who noticed that some friends and acquaintances were still looking for a job or barely coping in the work environment. They decided to start a business that, in addition to profitability, will create a work environment suitable for people who are looking for their first job, long-term unemployed, people from therapeutic communities, those with physical or mental health issues, or just ordinary people going through a challenging period.

Production and services

Through social entrepreneurship we have developed different products and services.

Our team

Social Entrepreneurship Centre 


Entrepreneurship as a vehicle of social innovation.