Social Entrepreneurship Centre

Entrepreneurship as a vehicle of social innovation

About the Centre

Social Entrepreneurship Centre Pontes Salutis is a pioneering initiative in Croatia in many respects. Ten years ago we were among the first to establish production lines guided by the social entrepreneurship principles; we publish the first Croatian social entrepreneurship magazine Pontes Salutis; we employ people with a wide range of abilities, many of whom have been unemployed for years. We collaborate with different European and international social entrepreneurship entities to expand our network.

Social entrepreneurship goals

Like all other business activities, social entrepreneurship aims to generate profit. At the same time it follows the principles of fairness, inclusiveness and dignity for all involved: employees, partners and customers. Moreover, it tries to act constructively in the local community.


The Centre follows the principles of sustainable development, civic economy and entrepreneurial collaboration. All these aspects look at economic activity in the context of the needs of people and the community; they take care of the environment and encourage the reinvestment of annual profits in business development. They also aim to meet the specific needs of their employees and make a positive impact on less privileged individuals and organisations.